Our Mission

 To improve our lives and contribute to a better society through practicing Aikido

Our Values 

  As Meditation

  We aim to the transcendence of framework of dichotomy between the two such as myself and others

  through meditative training method.


 Respect for all

 We believe the latent capability of our body and mind,

 therefore Our Dojo continues to be “Open and Fair” for all people who require Aikido with respect.

 As a Visionary Dojo

 We spontaneously keep on challenging to generate original value and credit for better society.


We’re “Aikido Seifukai”. It’s established in 2012 in Musashino city. And we’re practicing in several place in western Tokyo.

Whoever would like to join will be welcomed.

Tuition fee is 1,000 yen per class.

Observe or trial

You're always welcome. Please come to join us some time when it's convenient.

If you’d like to join, Could you please contact following e-mail address.

Mailto; keigotozawa21sep(at)gmail.com, aikidoseifukai(at)gmail.com


Please note that

There are some regulations as Aikido Dojo.

However, Please be assured that we’ll let you know them politely.

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