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Message from organizer

Hi, This is Keigo at Seifukai. I've been practicing Aikido at Gaifukan-Dojo that my Shihan Uchida sensei organizes. Seifukai is a Dojo I preside in Tokyo based on his permission. In addition It is the one member of the Musashino Aikido association. 

Here I'd like to describe a bit about the definition and purpose of Aikido in my own words. To begin with, Aikido is a martial art developed in Japan. It has the notable points: it is neither a competitive game nor a lethal method. However, Why does Aikido never aim to win someone and damage someone effectively despite the fact that every martial art must be developed for lethal methods or self-defense systems originally?  We always presuppose a tense critical situation, that is one of the issues between life and death. Therefore Aikido pioneers strived to find out how to manage the situation through study of not only ancient martial arts but also Yoga, Zen and other methodologies for controlling our body and mind. I mean, Aikido aims for the transcendence of dichotomy between the two such as myself and others. Most importantly, we need to return back to the position where there was no mind before ideas occurred to perform at our full potential even though we confront the difficulty. Therefore, I never ask you to contrast yourself with others and never pursue how to damage someone effectively. Although we're grabbed my wrist and thrusted by a sword or a hand at the beginning of the technique, we don't think that our motion range is decreased or it takes away our liberty. Rather than that, we interpret the thrusting as a sort of gift from the partner. From Aikido perspective, we can turn around thanks to the trigger and accelerate our movement more agilely. I mean we never count up what we lost but we count up what we have at the moment, what we can move even under this circumstance. Therefore, the Aikido perspective is that we add some resources coming externally to the rest of the resources I can utilize somehow to create some extremely sublime art.  I also believe that thrusting or attacking would be a metaphor that we usually face "the others" we can not really understand and sympathize with. That might be illnesses, injuries, neighbors or setbacks. Or "the other" could be yourself. Aikido could imply some hints on how to behave for it and manage to overcome the issues and coexist with them.  In conclusion, Aikido is a sort of philosophy that aims to live together with others strongly and deeply. 

However, actually I myself did not start Aikido with a clear sense of purpose. I used to go to Dojo while viewing the cherry blossoms along the Ashiya river just because I felt like going there. So Please allow me to stop writing around here because it's difficult for me to explain what Aikido means precisely. Why don't we start Aikido with us? I look forward to seeing you in our Dojo. 


 1,000 yen per class.

Observe or trial

 You're always welcome. Please come to join us anytime when you have time. 

 We'd appreciate if you could e-mail us in advance. the mail addresses are as follows 

   keigotozawa21sep(at), aikidoseifukai(at)



  Although we have some regulations as a Dojo We'll explain it when you come to our Dojo.

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